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Spiritual Music for Churches and Events

Star Tom has been providing joyful, inspiring music for spiritual services such as those at Unity Churches, Centers for Spiritual Living, and Unitarian Universalist Churches for over 30 years.  His music is especially appropriate for open, interdenominational spiritual settings.  Star Tom received the “Beloved Musician” award from the United Church of Religious Science (now Centers for Spiritual Living) in 2005 for his extensive performance and musical contributions to the church.  His CD, “Newhope,” is filled with songs perfect for churches, and these songs represent just a tiny portion of the hundreds of original and cover songs that Star Tom offers.  


Tom brings a unique perspective to providing music for spiritual services.  He served as the bookstore manager for the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa for 10 years.  He was the Music Director for the Center for Spiritual Living, Petaluma for 5 years, and is currently the Music Director for Unity of Santa Rosa.  He has a large and unique repertoire as well as decades of experience in providing just the right music for a particular message or event.  Tom’s performance is about heart, connection and service - not a need for the spotlight.  But he guarantees that his music will make a warm, memorable addition to your service or event.  


Star Tom specializes in music for prayer services, mediation services, healing services and peace services.  He has played for thousands of Sunday services, as well as for weddings, memorials, baptisms, youth church programs, men’s retreats, family camps, Spirit in Nature events, and conferences.  If you are looking for the perfect person to support your intention to create a healing, joyful, and/or inspiring environment, Star Tom is your musician!

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A partial listing of churches served includes:

       (formerly Santa Rosa Church of Religious Science)

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