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Give Your Family the Gift of Party Music

  • Children's birthday parties
  • Holiday sing-alongs
  • Campfire or BBQ programs
  • Early school "Graduation" days
  • Ambient music 
"Thank you! People loved it and were talking a lot about the festive sing-a-long! Thanks so much for making it so special" 

“I cannot say enough about Star Tom!  When our daughter's 1st birthday was approaching, I was having the hardest time figuring out what to do and how to make it special.  ...I am SO glad that I was given the opportunity to have him perform! It was the best decision I could have made for her birthday. The children enjoyed the performance (which is VERY hands on and interactive) and the adults enjoyed watching. I even caught a glimpse of my 68 year old father bopping to the music in the back!  I HIGHLY recommend hiring him for music performances.”

Live Music brings any event to life.  Imagine the excitement when a live musician shows up at your door:  children asking if that's a guitar, if we are going to sing, and if the musician knows any of their favorite songs.  That's the picture we have witnessed over and over again.  New experiences make wonderful memories, and having a live musician show up at home is something new to most children!


At Music Together and in local schools, kids LOVE music with Star Tom. Imagine having Star Tom visit your party to sing.  “Star Tom” means joy and inspiration, so call Star Tom today and...

Turn your party into a celebration!

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What kind of event do you want?


We provide three types of party music:  Background, Sing-Along, or a Music Together style of presentation.  For background music, there is not much required of you except input about styles of music that you prefer. You give us that information and we will play and/or sing to provide a pleasant foundation for your event.


For sing-along music, we also want to know what your  family’s favorite songs are, what ages the partygoers are, what the theme of the party is, and some logistics.  Obviously, this is a much more interactive and focused kind of music, and it requires attention to the space to be used, seating, and so on.  But this is our most popular kind of event, and it is a lot of fun for all!


A Music Together style of presentation is similar to sing-along, but must take place indoors.  It is appropriate for families with children ages birth to seven.  It is essential that adults join the children and make music with them.  We bring shakers and a box of mixed instruments to be used with two songs, and there is less guitar accompaniment.  This presentation is ideal for families who have attended Music Together classes and want to have a similar experience in a private setting, or who want to share this delightful approach to music with friends & family.  



Where to plan your event, and how to support success


The presentation space is important.  It affects the involvement of the children and adults at the party, as well as the types of activities that are possible.  Indoor settings are generally much more successful for music at children's parties, and are required if you want a Music Together type of presentation.  The fewer the  distractions in the room, the better (particularly TV, other music, and toys).  Turning off, removing or covering these items is very helpful.  Make sure the floor is comfortable enough for children to sit on: (wood, carpet, etc.).  Stone, tile or cement floors need to be covered in some manner.  Outdoor events require blankets or seating, and often require sound systems.


Setting up the group atmosphere and expectation is also vitally important.  We can play for any type of party, and are happy to offer background music.  But there are some things that will make a music-centered party or activity more successful:

  • Arrange for  many adults who can sit with the kids and join in the singing and play.  Ask that those who can't sit on the floor simply sing along from wherever they are.

  • Ask that people who are in the music area stay focused on the music, and that folks who want to have normal party conversations congregate in another room or area.


These two logistics foster a sense of community, involvement and of excitement.  Years of playing for children's parties have shown us that when these things happen, the children and adults end up having successful, happy feelings about the music and the party!

If you want a campfire or BBQ sing-along, then having a safe area for folks to circle/gather is the first thing to consider.  You'll definitely want something for seating.  For BBQ events, a sound system is usually a good idea, because there isn't that natural central focus of everyone facing the fire.  


How much does it cost?


Fees vary based on type of performance/venue/audience size, number of musicians & assistants, and location.  For Star Tom to perform solo at a simple, indoor home birthday party in central Sonoma County the fee is $175.  This is for approximately 35 minutes of presentation time (typical), and will range from 20-50 minutes depending on the “wiggle factor” and engagement of the audience.  Star Tom is usually on site for about an hour (setup, performance, packing).  Additional musicians’ fees vary depending on the other performers involved.


Location Fees:  There is no location fee for parties within city limits of Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, Healdsburg, Petaluma, or Windsor.  Travel fees for areas beyond this vary depending on drive time and distance, and are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.  


Sound Equipment:  Typical parties are played without a sound system. But the size of the group and venue may require the use of a sound system.  Outdoor parties most often require sound support.  A two-speaker, two microphone setup with no assistant on the sound controls can be provided for Star Tom's performance for an additional $100 fee.  Larger setups, sound techs, or use of the system for longer times cost more, and must be negotiated beforehand.  Sound systems are not appropriate for Music Together style presentations.  


Venues/Audience Size:  Oddly enough, in the music business fees are more dependent on the venue and size of audience than on length of performance time or even distances travelled within 100 miles.  A classroom music circle might cost $75, a home party $175, a winery or school or library assembly/party $500 - all for the same 35 minute performance!  Fees are negotiated depending on the needs of your specific event (for instance, a small party held in a private room at a winery is more like a home party than an assembly; a classroom presentation that is actually for families or other classes is more like an assembly than a classroom music circle).  So consider your venue and audience size when booking.  


What else do I need to think about?


Who will the musician(s) be in touch with at the event?  You may be busy interacting with guests.  How will payment be handled? (check or cash only)  How will guests be gathered/alerted when it is time for music? For ordinary sing-along parties, a chair with NO ARMS is required for each musician.  For a Music Together style presentation, a floor pillow is helpful, instead.  If cake is served, are musicians invited?  If food/drinks are served, are musicians invited?  Do you want Star Tom to sing a specific celebration song?   If so, with cake, or during the general music time?  How will that affect the logistics & flow of your event?  


Note: Star Tom reserves the right to sell CDs and/or to distribute promotional materials at the event in a professional and no-pressure manner.  


Star Tom offers many services that can bring joy and inspiration to your life; performing for weddings, grown-up parties, business events, etc. Star Tom also offers guitar lessons, house concerts, custom songwriting, inspirational house calls, and a variety of creative design, retail, and educational services.

Plan for success
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