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How does OK Go come up with the ideas for those amazing music videos?  Here's how...

You Name It


Wherever you need joy and inspiration, Star Tom is ready to work with you on your creative endeavor.  



Need a custom song for something special?  Star Tom has written hundreds of songs and can work with you to craft just what you need.


Inspirational House Calls

Star Tom makes house calls!  For people preparing for surgery, end of life, or creative home rituals of passage, Tom brings presence, integrity and his trademark Joy and Inspiration to your home in service of your unique needs.


Retirement and Assisted Living Communities

Star Tom has sung for elder groups in several Sonoma County and Oregon facilities, and would love to bring music to your community, as well.  His folk, old-time and light rock selections have brought joy to many.


Speaking and Leadership

Tom has spoken and led at churches, men’s retreats, family camps, world peace meditations, in classroom settings, at conferences, and more.  He has led workshops, been on Core Teams, and worked in management.  Tom would love to bring focus, joy and inspiration to your organization or setting.

House Concerts

Star Tom is perfectly poised to join the growing House Concert movement.  In this model, you throw a party based around music, community and food.  As the host, you set things up the way you want them - guest list, setup, food options, and cost.  Your guests pay a ticket price, which goes to the musician.  A great time is had by all, and everyone wins!


Other Possibilities

Star Tom has business and life experience that goes beyond music and speaking to include extensive retail, school, non-profit, art, church, and life expertise.  Tom prides himself on being a modern Renaissance Man - with interests and training in a diverse, well-rounded spectrum of areas:


  • 10 years at Unicorn Gifts and Toys - small retail management and sales

  • 10 years at Stepping Stones Bookstore - retail and volunteer management

  • Teaching experience at every level from birth through University - except Jr. High

  • 30 years of experience in church work

  • Co-author of the Heart of the Child youth church curriculum

  • Copy editing and design for Fiddling In Sonoma County, The Hutchins School of Liberal Studies, The Center for Critical Thinking and Moral Critique, and the Santa Rosa Church of Religious Science

  • Carpentry/maintenance, Gardening, and Horse Care on Newhope Farms, and before

What's Next?

Tom is growing skills and passions which express his mission to nurture joy and inspiration in new ways.  He is writing stand-up comedy material.  He is exploring the joy of nature, people and architecture through photography - doing real estate photography in Sonoma County, taking candid shots of people, and photos of our beautiful natural world.  And he has a strong interest in doing surprise good deeds for people who are contributing to making the world a good place, similar to the YouTube Prank It Forward, TD Bank in Canada, and Dude Be Nice campaigns .  


If you have a project or plan and you see joy or inspiration as a significant part of what you want to do, then Star Tom is interested in working with you.  Please contact us and begin a conversation!

Watch Prank It Forward bring some joy to this deserving woman.

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