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Star Tom's Music for Preschools

“When I tell parents that we have Star Tom for music twice a month they brighten up at that. They like that it’s separate from us. The kids love you, the parents love you.”

- Cynara Martin, former Director of Live Oak Preschool

“You are making a big impression on these kiddos. Thanks for all you do!”

- Heidi Adler, ACE School & Clinic Director, Sonoma County

To Star Tom's son, at Healdsburg High School... “Your DAD is Star Tom!?  That’s awesome.  That guy made my childhood!”

“You come in and do a great program for the kids. They seem to love to listen to new songs and soak it up. You appeal because you listen to what they want.”

- Ellen Munson, Director of Cloverdale Boys and Girls Club

Increase your parent, student & staff satisfaction

in one easy, fun & enjoyable step




There is an easy way to have professional children’s music in your preschool. Star Tom is an experienced Sonoma County performer whose wonderful voice, relaxed manner and warm connection with children makes hearts sing. Tom is not only a musician, but also a substitute teacher with years of classroom experience. No wonder he connects so well with children!


* Children like the playful songs and fun of Star Tom days.

* Teachers like the variety Tom brings and his willingness to work with them on themes or the events of the day.

* Parents like knowing their children are happy and they’re getting a well-rounded education, which includes exposure to live professional music.

* Directors like being able to add a first-rate musician to the program without the expense of hiring a staff teacher.

You know it’s worth it when you hear excited parents and children say,

“OH! Star Tom is here today!”


Star Tom’s contracts for regular classroom music start at just $60 per session.  Typical classes are $75.  Star Tom is also a registered Music Together teacher and is available to provide full Music Together programs in your preschool.


Call or email today to arrange a FREE 3-song session with initial contract interview.


*** Contact us now: (707) 596-2818 or ***

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