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Fun Music for the Youngest Children!

Star Tom is an active, registered Music Together teacher offering classes through Santa Rosa Area Music Together.  Tom has been teaching with this program since 2007, and offers these fun family music classes in Healdsburg, Windsor and Santa Rosa.  Star Tom fell in love with the program the very first time he experienced one of these classes with director Ginger Parish.  He says that after years of teaching music independently, he “recognized this as the best thing I’d ever seen for children.”  He headed off to Music Together training with one of the founders of the program,  Lili Levinowitz, and returned to teach with Santa Rosa Area Music Together.  

Each class begins with a welcoming “Hello Song,” and progresses through a flowing structure of sitting and movement-based musical experiences such as fingerplays, dancing with scarves or stretchy bands, playing shakers, rhythm sticks or bells, and more.  Class winds down with a cozy cuddle song, and finally the “Goodbye Song” to bring a sense of closure.  

Full information is available at for children from newborn to 8  years old with their families.

Music Together is arguably the premier music program in the world for young children.  These classes are research- based and are age appropriate for children from newborn babies through 5 years old, and up to 8 years in specialty classes.  
Despite being an international program, with classes offered in over 40 countries worldwide, Music Together is a real-people, child-centered, community music experience.  Three regular sessions are taught each year, and summer sessions are typically offered in addition.
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