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Starting on a New Adventure

Hello Friends,

Today is the first day of a new journey. In this case, that means designing a new web site after 5 years of waiting for someone else to do it :-) I've always loved design, and studied it in college, but the complexity of WEB design has been daunting... it's so little like the paper world I trained in. The tools are so different, and the design process so inorganic, plus the added levels of marketing, SEO, and being my own webmaster put me off for too long.

But I heard a talk recently that encouraged us to go out there and get moving. One suggestion to get us moving was to "do it badly." I figured that I could do it badly, so here I am, beginning the journey.

The good news is that this site is already a vast improvement over what I've had online for the past 10+ years. Tools have improved, options have multiplied, and all is well in my heart.

So as soon as I get enough of this together to provide basic functions, I will "go live" with a new site that will offer my music directly for sale, information for my guitar students to use, and more than any one person ever wanted to know about my business. I hope you come visit soon!


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